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In 2019, Ryterski started his project Tears are the Diamonds of the Soul, which is basically a music album mixing genres such as footwork, house, idm, techno and jersey house. The composer's goal was to find an answer to whether music may target gender or subversive attitudes as its target group. Why do we consider some songs or genres to be gay or female and others to be male? - the composer asks.


Tears are the Diamonds of the Soul is a material that draws from a wide variety of genres with roots in various communities. It is both patchwork and homogeneous at the same time. By combining elements recognized as representative of the LGBTQ+ community, but also for the rave culture, Ryterski created a material that anyone can identify with, regardless of gender or sexual identity. As part of his live performances, the composer practices drag, impersonating an alternative and exaggerated version of himself.


I was was collecting all these plastic, rubber, metalic and polyester textures for almost 2 years, completely blotched in tar, blood and all those hyper-reactive sounds. And when I thought I found a dead end to my creative process, I finally managed to synthesize the perfect artifical world. World where your queerness can be free, roaming between heavily distorted 808 kick and carbonated arpeggios, diving in an ocean of pure acid bass lines. A promised land of never-ending rave, mayhem and liquid gold rain.

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