In 2019 Ryterski started his project Tears are the Diamonds of the Soul, which is a mixture of footwork, house, idm, techno and voguing music. During his live acts, Ryterski juxtapose his original tracks with selected pop songs considered as gay anthems.


I was was collecting all these plastic, rubber, metalic and polyester textures for almost 2 years, completely blotched in tar, blood and all those hyper-reactive sounds. And when I thought I found a dead end to my creative process, I finally managed to synthesize the perfect artifical world. World where your queerness can be free, roaming between heavily distorted 808 kick and carbonated arpeggios, diving in an ocean of pure acid bass lines. A promised land of never-ending rave, mayhem and liquid gold rain.

I was trying to find an answer, if music has gender. Why some songs are considered as gay or feminine, while the others can be described as masculine?

Tears are the Diamonds of Soul shows are based on interaction with the audience - Ryterski dances, lip-syncs and generally try to entertain the audience as much as it’s possible, doing the unexpected, like having a breathing session in the middle of his set or bringing pizza to the audience. His shows also involve visualizations, created by Ryterski himself  and/or Aleksandra Ołdak, who is also the creator of the project's visual id.

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