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In 2015, during his studies, Ryterski composed Saudade. Music of Distortions as one of the semester projects. After its premiere, this work became quite popular and was performed a few times more in Poland, France and Denmark.

Saudade in Portuguese has a meaning, which is very original for the language - it means some kind of longing, a melancholy and happiness at the same time, a feeling about something that is in the past now and will never return. Ryterski tried to recreate sounds of the harbor in his hometown, which he had remembered. However, when he came back there once, he realized that all the sounds that he got in mind are different than the real results.


Memory distorts everything what we experienced. We're not computers - our memories slowly degrade. And this is when the saudade feeling comes in - this one of a kind mixture of melancholy and happiness about something, that does not exist.

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