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Written for Ko-MAT_ensemble (Tamara Kurkiewicz, Monika Łopuszyńska, Aleksandra Płaczek) Love Language  is a piece that is a part of the theatre play based on the text Lalki written by Michał Zdunik. Whole show consists of 8 independent music compositions made by different composers, which were conjoined later on. Lalki (Dolls in English) is a play about violence against women. Ryterski decided to make his part about verbal abuse and manipulation, which are experienced not only by woman, but by men and non-heteronormative people.


Love language is a theory, which distinguish 5 different ways of expressing emotions towards others. These ways bi-directional - they are also the ways that we are expecting emotions from our beloved ones. One of these methods is verbal communication, another one is gestures, like doing errands for someone else. People have a tendency to trivialize love, to misinterpret it or blindly falling in love. When the other significant one is violent, we can become victims of different manipulations, which are destructible and can can degrade our relationships with everyone else. Due to the #metoo a discussion emerged about sexual harassment and violence against women, that people of cultural industry were doing for years. However we need to remember that it is not domain of the cinema and theatre worlds and can happen to everyone among us.

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