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Gaymers' Cheatsheet is Ryterski's second album, published by Pointless Geometry and available on Bandcamp (like above). It is heavily inspired by both hardware and software (or games, to be precise). Ryterski started to collect hardware synthesizers at the end of 2020 (at the beginning of 2021 he got used Monomachine by Elektron and since then he design most of his recent sounds on this device). This material has a very strong digital timbre, without acoustic sounds (with a few exceptions). On the other hand, games that Ryterski played in the past showed a direction which Ryterski's music went towards. The result is an explosion of sounds, beats and rhythms, which took much more extreme turn than on his previous album.

Gaymers' Cheatsheet was born in the realms of camp. It’s pretty obvious from the 1st notes of bubblegum-like, fluorescent energy explosions. It is also quirky and hyperpop - from the first to the last second. It’s an ode to the frivolous, queer and colourful domain. It almost feels like Ryterski exploded it out of his very own body in the shape of spectacular rainbow. The sound of it is very far from what we assume to be contemporary classical music (and lets remember Rafał Ryterski has exactly this background), but what we love about it is that it feels like the manifesto of unboundless creative freedom and imaginative sound design taken to the highest hights. Please don’t forget it’is also the tribute to Ryterski's fav video games. For example Blacephalon is a Pokemon. Its slender torso and wide hips are yellow with alternating blue and pink stripes - and maybe that’s the best blurb for this piece of music.

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