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Directed by Kuba Kowalski, with stage design by Kornelia Dzikowska, choreography by Oskar Malinowski, lights by Damian Pawella, Bunbury (with the subtitle Comedy for people without a sense of humour) is based on The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde and tells a story of a gentelmen who gets entangled into intrigue between him, his love interest, his close friend and a daughter-in-law. Kowalski's Bunbury is the epitomy of camp, with formalised movement of all the actors, gender-bending costumes (and even characters) and plenty of dramatic gestures, gasps and arguments.

Ryterski's music is played live by Filip Arasimowicz, who beside of playing double bass, he is also whistling, playing rhythmical textures on the body of the instrument and even turning the double bass to play on it like a guitar. Additionaly, electronic sounds are added, which create references to pop music (especially Ariana Grande's sweetness). At some point, both the musician and one of the actors are taking the electric guitars (accordingly bass and a regular one) and indulge in twisted Santana-like blues.

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