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Breathe is a piece inspired by the political and social situation in which humanity found itself during the pandemic. It is a piece about violence perpetrated by government and civil services against citizens, all over the world. Starting with the murders of Breonnana Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Archer, Tony McDade, Dion Johnson, through hatred towards people of Asian origin (due to Coronavirus), ending with Polish hatred against the LBGTQ+ community and the decision of the Constitutional Court which deprives women of fundamental rights to make decisions about their own body, which forced hundreds of thousands of people to risk their own health and life by manifesting their views during the lockdown. Breathe is a scream portraying the situation of citizens in the face of governing methods of exercising power, it is an opposition to the violence we experience at the hands of other people who care for us.

2020 was an exceptional year, even a breakthrough for modern history. And it is not only about the pandemic, but also about social changes taking place all over the world - from the Black Live Matters movement, through Biden's victory in the US presidential elections, and ending with the ubiquitous protests in Poland concerning important (and also contentious) social issues. It can all be boiled down to single denominators and verbs. One of them and chosen by the composer as the starting point for his work is breath - its presence in the public space, community, individuality and possible lack of it caused by the will of another human being.

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